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Character Creation

Snappers artists skills shines here

Modeling & Texturing | Grooming | LookDev

Project Barbara

Likeness, Shading and Grooming study Based on Barbara Palvin that we’ve been developing at Snappers.


Rendering was done in Arnold using ALshaders and hair using Xgen.


Details were sculpted manually in Zbrush and enhanced using TexturingXYZ tillable maps.


Meet Jjahawa!

This is a proof of concept demo for cinematic characters In Unreal Engine 4.


Modeling, Texturing and Shading done at Snappers.

Project Ali

This character is part of a project that we are developing at Snappers.


The model is not based on any scans. the head is fully rigged and ready for animation.


Monster Fighter

Game Ready Character created by Snappers Team.

Modeling & Texturing and attention to Monster details.

Snappers_Monster_Fighter (11)2.jpg


Ori is based on a concept by Mac Smith. We at Snappers tried to do it justice.

ori-a-01-final (1).jpg
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